Our story begins in 2009, specifically April 3rd of that year, when Boswell Book Company opened for business in the space of the Downer Avenue branch of the Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops. Since then, we've been tempting the winds of fate by being old-fashioned, hand-selling, book-reading, event-holding, answer-questioning booksellers. Here are some other things you should know about our store's history.

--The Harry W. Schwartz on Downer opened in 1997.

--Though the store's base of operations was downtown for much of its history, the forerunner to Harry W. Schwartz, Casanova Booksellers, opened just a block north of us on Downer Avenue. In 1937, he bought out his partner, changed the name of the bookstore to Schwartz, and lost his lease on Downer Avenue to a chain shoe store.

--Prior to Schwartz, Downer Avenue was home to a number of august booksellers, including The Book Bay, Websters, Jeannette Schaefer, and Jay Lou's.

At one point, I believe this was a car dealership!  DCG